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I can improve the traffic to your website, helping to increase leads, sales and enquiries.

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Most modern businesses have a website and therefore most businesses can benefit from SEO. Despite having a great product or service, if your website is not optimised for search engines, customers who could benefit from your product or services may not be able to find your business. Search Engine Optimisation works to increase the visibility of your site, enabling your business to grow.

However, SEO doesn’t just improve site visibility; there is a wide range of benefits to be gained by optimising your website for search engines. User experience will be improved, sales will increase and brand trust will be solidified, all helping to nurture and develop your business.

Increase Relevant Traffic

Perhaps your website is already getting a fair amount of traffic but sales remain low. The solution could lie in SEO. High traffic is not much good if the users are not interested in your product or services. Search Engine Optimisation works to specifically attract your target consumers, to ensure that visitors to your site are more likely to become customers.

As SEO enables you to target your audience more effectively, all visitors to your site will be those who are actively looking for the service you provide. By increasing the amount of relevant traffic, sales will increase, allowing your business to flourish.

Drive Sales And Increase Leads

As your SEO campaign develops, more relevant traffic will arrive at your website. This will naturally help to drive sales and increase leads, as the users of your site will be directly searching for the services that you can provide.

Increased sales will also be encouraged as user experience is continually improved. Faster loading websites with helpful content will keep customers on-site for longer and increase the chances of a conversion. Further site improvements such as optimisation for mobile usage will also encourage visitor engagement, supporting the chance of a sale.

Improve Brand Visibility

Your business could be the best in its field, however if it is not visible to customers they simply won’t know how they could benefit from it. SEO helps to build brand awareness by ensuring that your site gets seen by your target customers.

Me and my team will work to improve how your site ranks in search engine results to ensure that it is visible to potential customers. The SEO process will even allow you to reach new audiences by building trust worthy links from other relevant sites.

Improve Trust In Your Business

One of the most crucial aims for any business should be to gain consumers’ trust. Doing so will not only help to boost sales, but ensure that customers return time and time again.

SEO helps to improve trust by increasing your search engine ranking. As your site begins to appear higher in the SERPs, potential customers will have greater trust in your brand. By keeping content fresh and up-to-date, it will also be clear to users that your site is regularly updated, encouraging them to put greater trust in your business. Links built from other trustworthy sites will also increase trust in your site, as well as your domain metrics.



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We have been working with Andy and the team at Kumo since 2013 and have enjoyed a great working relationship and effective SEO & PPC services. We have seen some superb results for ranking?our main keywords within the search engines.

Tonia Baldwin

My Approach To SEO


Research is an integral part of any SEO strategy as it allows me to deliver services which are tailored to you and your business. Thorough research is an ongoing process throughout the SEO process, beginning with an initial audit of your website. Keyword research allows me to better reach your customer, whilst constant industry research helps me to create relevant content.


No SEO strategy is complete without great content. Which is why I have an expert team of content creators on hand to deliver the best possible content for your site. Working with you to understand your business and your consumer they will strive to create engaging content which speaks to your customer and boosts your search engine optimisation performance.


I undertake both weekly and monthly reporting to help keep a close eye on rankings, this allows me to react quickly to any changes and developments. My data and reports are always available to you so you can track your site’s SEO progress. Weekly reporting tracks the rankings of your site, whilst a monthly in-depth report analyses all site activity, including traffic and -if applicable- conversions over the last four weeks.